Our Team

Our primary job is to help your business grow. We are experienced, motivated and passionate about what we do.

Chris Fisher – Managing Director

This guy got the show rolling back in 1990. Chris has been in the Television Industry throughout Sydney and regional Australia originally applying his expertise in production and engineering. He’s collected a number of awards for his commercial and program productions including a Logie Award. Well over a decade ago Chris saw an opportunity for expansion and he branched out and started offering existing clients a media buying service. Proof an old dog can learn new tricks.

Tanya Herrmann – Manager Finance & Administration

With a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) under her wing Tanya heads the behind-the-scenes team. She’s not your average paper-pusher, and had experience in the banking industry, then moved to media. Tanya reconciles, bills, files and does all that financial and Human Resource stuff that creates mounds of paperwork. She’s not just good with numbers and important stuff – she’s brilliant!

Graham Harvey – Technical Director

We love multi skilled artists – that’s why we love Harv. Television has been his life from his early days as a Trainee Technician through to working in some of Australia’s most remote and outback regions in Australia. He has Commercial Directing, On Air Audio, Senior Co-Coordinating, Senior News Directing and Operations Management under his belt. Graham has also picked up an impressive portfolio of awards for Commercial Production.

Kandice Richardson – Director Post Production & Creative

Head to a half decent music festival or gig and you’re likely to find Kandy in the Crowd. Technology is a part of her life 24/7 which is perfect for an editor. She has a keen eye for graphic design and editing is her passion. She’s been producing and cutting Television and Radio Commercials, Documentaries, and Promotional DVDs and Videos for over 10 years. Kandy is constantly expanding on her creative abilities, which is evident in her work.

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